Smita Das Jain

The Other Life

I am a certified Personal Empowerment Life Coach and certified Executive Coach enabling people to lead happier and more fulfilling lives. My speciality is in helping busy professionals unhappy in their jobs find time to transform their passions into pursuits so that they work when they want to, not because they have to. I am also a TEDx speaker and speak at various conferences and platforms.


Until March 2021, I was a Strategy and Management Consultant with 14+ years of experience with Fortune 500 companies like KPMG and JLL, most of them in leadership roles. I have advised Indian and Global clients in Business Strategy, Management Consulting, Financial Planning and Analysis, Market Insights, and Project Management. I have also had the privilege to mentor diverse teams and create new business lines during the course of my career. 


I completed my MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Indore, and also got an Executive Education Certificate from Columbia Business School.


You can visit here to know more about my 'Empower Yourself' Life Coaching Programs.

The Reincarnation

I was twelve when I wrote my first story. It was published in my school magazine, and I became an overnight sensation for three days. I followed it up with an article. Then another. The series continued, and eventually, I became the Chief Editor of my school magazine.

Then I entered college life and since then my writing took a backseat to balance sheets and corporate strategies.


But when the paint on the wall always wears off, you always get a chance to repaint it in a different colour. I also did, when I took the plunge to transform my passion for writing into a pursuit to become an author. 


The Writer's Life

I breathe life into words and create stories out of life. I write to express and to inform. My endeavour is to mesmerise, galvanise and hypnotise the readers through my writings.

Delhi Wire has mentioned me amongst The Top 50 Most Influential Authors of 2021. I have been featured in the Authority Magazine. My stories have been published on StoryMirrorPenmancy, Wordweavers, and Women's Web. I am a featured contributor in the Women's Web 2022 anthology Recipe for a Perfect Marriage, the Writefluence's 2022 anthologies Sepia and Out of My Box and the 2021 edition of the PoArtMo Anthology of The Auroras & Blossoms. My short fiction debut 'The Lost Identity' is available on Amazon.  My collection of short stories, 'A Slice Of Life- Every Person Has A Story,' is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Notion Press.

Smita's Write Pen

I am a writer wanting to help aspiring writers. This site is an endeavour to provide exclusive sneak peeks, the latest news and an overview of my fiction writings to readers. Aspiring writers will also find writing tips and useful resources to publish and market their books.                       

Smita's Write Pen is intended as a one-stop-shop for the reader and writer in you.

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