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Short Stories

The Other Woman_edited.jpg
Head Under Water_edited.jpg
Having A Good Time_edited.jpg
On Top Of The World_edited.jpg
The Race to Glory_edited.jpg
The Umbrella Lady_edited.jpg
A New Dawn_edited.jpg
Kaleidoscope_A Special Universe_edited.jpg
It's Never Too Late_edited.jpg
A Safe Haven_edited.jpg
The Saffron Surge_edited.jpg
Always Right_edited.jpg
Remember, It is Not Your Fault; It is NEVER Your Fault_edited.jpg
This is Our Chance to Define Our Relationship in Our Own Way_edited.jpg
I Refuse to Take the Responsibility for Your Actions_Smita Das Jain.jpg
Till We Meet Again_Smita Das Jain.jpg


Hate To Love_edited.jpg
Long Since I Sang a Song_Poem_StoryMirror_Smita Das Jain