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                          A Slice Of Life: 'Write Your Own Story' Contest

You have loved ' A Slice Of Life.' Many of you have reached out to me and mentioned that you saw your own self in one or the other stories.


Every Person Has A Story. Here's a chance for you to write your own story and get rewarded in the process.

Write a sequel to any one of my stories from my book ‘A Slice of Life.’ The story must be an original one, unpublished in any other physical, digital, and online source before. 



  • First Prize      : INR 3,000/-

  • Second Prize : INR 2,000/-

  • Third Prize    : INR 1,000/-

  • Five featured citations: Rs 200/- each

The top three entries will be featured as guest stories on my website- www. smitaswritepen.com- along with the photograph and writer bio of the winners.





  1. Participants must have written an Amazon Verified Purchase review of my book ‘A Slice Of Life.’ A screenshot of the live review needs to be sent along with the entry.

  2. Write an original flash fiction in English language only of any one of the stories from the book ‘A Slice Of Life.’ The story must be between 100-1000 words (title not counted in the word limit). Entries above or below the word limit, and/or found to be previously published, will be disqualified.

  3. Stories can be written in any genre or a combination of two or more genres is permitted.

  4. The story will be scored as per the following 5-point criteria:

    • Novelty/uniqueness of the idea or concept (30 points)

    • Logical connection and relatability to the prequel from Smita Das Jain’s ‘A Slice Of Life’ (30 points)

    • The narrative voice, setting and style (20 points)

    • Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation (10 points)

    • The uniqueness and relevance of the title (10 points)

  5. Story to be submitted in MS-Word document with Times New Roman 12 size font, 1.5 spacing. Title to be bold, underlined and 14 Times New Roman. Word count and Author name to be mentioned on the title page.

  6. One Participant may submit up to a maximum of two stories. However, only one winning entry will be considered per person.

  7. Participants to email their stories to smita@smitaswritepen.com with the subject line ‘A Slice Of Life: This is my Story’ (compulsory), with the screenshot of the Amazon Verified Purchase Review of ‘A Slice of Life’ and your entry in the word document. On the mail body, please mention the name of the story from ‘A Slice Of Life’ for which you have written the sequel and provide a brief bio of yours (up to 150 words).

  8. Deadline for Submission: 20th Nov 2021, 6 PM IST

  9. The decision of the judge (me ) will be final and binding.

  10. The copyright of the story stays with you. The top three winning stories will be published digitally first on my website, and after that you may use them wherever you want.

  11. Declaration of Results :15th Dec 2021, 6 PM IST. They will be declared simultaneously on my Website, FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram handles.

  12. Payment will be credited to the bank accounts of the winners up to five days after the declaration of results.

  13. Submission of stories will imply acceptance of all the Terms and Conditions of the contest.

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