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A Price to Love

A Price to Love

Released Worldwide

Writer Smita Das Jain has written her debut novel- A Price to Love

Do a stellar academic background, a well-paying job with ample recognition, and a loving life partner imply happiness?

Sonia is an ambitious woman working in the country’s most prominent media company. Sameep, her husband, has loved her ever since their IIM-Ahmedabad days. Her direct report, Mehul, idolises her, and her boss, Rishabh, acknowledges her intellectual prowess. But Sonia’s past interferes with the present, making her life—and the lives of those around her— lack balance. Time flies fast but leaves shadows behind.

A Price to Love is a contemporary tale showcasing the struggles of making a thriving personal life and a successful career tango in the highly competitive corporate arena… especially if you are a woman. ​

Reader Reviews

'A Price to Love' is a glimpse into the life of a woman in the 21 st century. It captures her dreams, aspirations, struggles, and challenges very well.'

- Namrata; Founder, Keemiya Creatives

'This is a story that is bound to make you think, feel and react. No two ways about it.'

- Debadatta, b00k r3vi3ws

'An engaging narration with equal amounts of intrigue keeps the reader hooked to the story.'

                               - Storizen Magazine

A Price to Love by Smita Das Jain.png


Why is success not translating into happiness for her?

Is ambition too high A Price to Love?


He is not happy with her. He would not be happy without her.

Should he continue to pay A Price to Love?


He wears his heart on his sleeve. Even at work.

A mistake. Or is it? Will he pay too high A Price to Love?


To be or not to be is the question. Especially when age is a factor.

Should he listen to his heart and pay A Price to Love?

            A Price to Love

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