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I am a writer by passion. A certified Creative Writing and Digital Content Writing Specialist, I have published a repertoire of Stories, Poems, Articles and an E-book. Two of my fiction books are on their way out soon.


My stories have been published at StoryMirror, Women's Web, Wordweavers, and Penmancy, with more forthcoming at various literary platforms. My short fiction E-book is available on Amazon marketplaces at India, US and UK. My short story collection, 'A Slice Of Life-Every Person Has A Story,' has released worldwide on 16th September 2021. I have also penned several non-fiction articles.

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You can read my short stories published at StoryMirror, Penmancy, Wordweavers, and Women's Web. My E-Book  'The Lost Identity' is available on Amazon in India, the US, and the UK. My short story collection 'A Slice of Life: Every Person Has A Story' is available worldwide on Amazon here

You can find more details about my upcoming books, articles, and write-ups on the publications page.

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I write to express and to inform. I create stories out of life. Words have a lot of power and I use my pen to wield that power. Smita's Write Pen is my attempt to connect with you through my words.


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