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New Book Release: 'A Slice Of Life- Every Person Has A Story'

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

'A Slice To Life- Every Person Has A Story' by Author Smita Das Jain
Book Cover of 'A Slice to Life: Every Person Has A Story'

'A Slice Of Life explores a whole range of relationships - romantic, family, friendship, work, and even the sort that can’t fit any category. An enthralling read!’

- Shraddha Sahi, Author of Anamika Khanna Falls in Love & The Case of the Counterfeit Currency

Every human wears a mask. Behind the cheerful facade lies faith, hope, trust, love, despair, confidence, insecurity, et al. Everyone has a story.

A DINK couple finding Work From Home a challenge...

The Couple who wasn’t one...

A rigid person who deviates from a lifelong habit...

Two people who remain in touch for 35 years, without talking...

A daughter who has sacrificed her dreams for her mother…

A fictional potpourri of extraordinary narratives of ordinary people who have more to their everyday lives beneath the surface, these stories reflect myriad hues of human behaviour.

From the author of the suspense thriller ‘The Lost Identity’ comes an anthology that touches the human heart.

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